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XBRL Interactive Data Files

The Colgate filings listed below have been supplied to the SEC in interactive data (XBRL) format. Click XBRL to view all related XBRL files.

Date Filed Filing Description Size Sorted Ascending  
04/29/2010 10-Q quarterly report 247.3 KB View XBRL
07/30/2009 10-Q quarterly report 278.0 KB View XBRL
10/29/2009 10-Q quarterly report 292.1 KB View XBRL
04/26/2012 10-Q quarterly report 283.4 KB View XBRL
07/29/2010 10-Q quarterly report 291.6 KB View XBRL
07/28/2011 10-Q quarterly report 344.7 KB View XBRL
04/25/2013 10-Q quarterly report 358.1 KB View XBRL
04/25/2014 10-Q quarterly report 390.0 KB View XBRL
10/25/2012 10-Q quarterly report 386.5 KB View XBRL
10/28/2010 10-Q quarterly report 965.0 KB View XBRL
10/27/2011 10-Q quarterly report 384.6 KB View XBRL
04/28/2011 10-Q quarterly report 1.1 MB View XBRL
07/26/2012 10-Q quarterly report 860.4 KB View XBRL
07/25/2013 10-Q quarterly report 467.7 KB View XBRL
10/24/2013 10-Q quarterly report 478.2 KB View XBRL
07/31/2014 10-Q quarterly report 494.1 KB View XBRL
02/25/2010 10-K annual report 1.0 MB View XBRL
02/24/2011 10-K annual report 954.4 KB View XBRL
02/23/2012 10-K annual report 1.4 MB View XBRL
02/21/2013 10-K annual report 996.7 KB View XBRL
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