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Investor FAQs

Find answers to common investor questions about stock purchase and transfer, dividends, financial reports and more.

Investor FAQs

How can I receive Colgate's latest financial documents?

Colgate's latest Earnings Press Release, Proxy Statement, Annual Report and 10K Report can be downloaded from the Shareholder Services section of this website.

When is the Annual Report available?

Historically, the Annual Report is available by the end of March for the previous year.

When is your next earnings release?

Our next earnings release will be on Oct. 29, 2021 for 3rd Quarter 2021.

What are Colgate's CUSIP number and stock ticker symbol?

Colgate's CUSIP number is 194162103, and Colgate's stock ticker symbol is CL (NYSE).

Where are your shares listed and traded?

Colgate common stock is listed and traded on The New York Stock Exchange

Who is your transfer agent?

Our transfer agent, Computershare, can assist you with a variety of shareholder services, including change of address, transfer of stock to another person, questions about dividend checks or Colgate's Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan.

Address shareholder inquiries to:

PO Box 30170
College Station, TX 77842-3170

Telephone: 1-800-756-8700 or 781-575-3301 (International Callers)
Hearing impaired: TDD: 1-800-231-5469

How can I invest in Colgate?

A Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan is available through Computershare, our transfer agent. The Plan allows direct purchase of shares by check or online, periodic cash investments by check or automatic monthly payments, as well as dividend reinvestment. For more information about the Plan or to enroll, please contact Computershare, to request a Plan brochure and the forms needed to start the process or visit Shares may also be purchased by contacting a stockbroker.

What is the difference between a registered shareholder and a beneficial shareholder?

A registered shareholder is a shareholder who is shown on the records of a corporation as owning the shares of the corporation and holds the shares in his or her own name. A beneficial shareholder is a shareholder who enjoys the benefits of ownership even though the title is kept in the name of a brokerage house or mutual fund. When shares are kept in this manner, the term is often referred to as keeping the shares in "street name".

What are Direct Registration Shares (DRS) or "book-entry" shares?

In the DRS system, physical stock certificates are not issued to shareholders. Instead, shareholders receive a statement detailing the number of shares they own. These shares are held electronically by the transfer agent. This system prevents the loss of certificates, which are costly to have replaced.

Does Colgate have a Dividend Reinvestment Program?

Colgate does offer dividend reinvestment options as part of its Direct Stock Purchase Plan, which is sponsored and administered by Computershare

When are Colgate dividends paid?

Colgate pays dividends quarterly. Click here for a complete Dividend History.

Does Colgate offer Direct Deposit of Dividends for shareholders?

Yes, you can request an enrollment form by contacting Computershare directly by telephone:1-800-756-8700 or 201-680-6578 (International Callers) or e-mail: Shareholders with online access to their account can sign up directly by logging into their account.

How do I transfer stock, change the name or change the address on my stock certificate?

If you are a registered shareholder, Computershare, can help you. Please contact them at 1-800-756-8700 or 201-680-6578 or visit their website at: If you are not a registered shareholder, please contact your broker for assistance.

Can I access my account with Computershare via the internet?

Shareowners of record may access their Computershare accounts via the internet to obtain share balance, conduct secure transactions, request printable forms and view current market value of their investment as well as historical stock prices. To log on to this secure site and establish a User ID and password, go to and click on "Create Login."

I prefer to receive my Computershare communications electronically. How can I sign up to receive communications by email?

If you are a registered shareholder and wish to receive correspondence, account statements and tax forms via email go to

How can I get my Tax Statement/1099?

Tax statements such as 1099-DIV and 1099-B are typically available online on Computershare’s Investor Centre website after they have been mailed and can be found under Statements & Documents.

If your annual dividend income is less than $10, Computershare is not required to provide a Form 1099-DIV.

If you are seeking older tax statements than those available online, please contact Computershare.

I have lost my Colgate stock certificate, what should I do?

Please contact the transfer agent, Computershare, whose address and telephone number is given at the top of this FAQ section, and they will be able to arrange a replacement certificate for you. You should notify Computershare immediately so that a restriction can be placed on the certificate in case of any attempted fraud. You will then be sent a letter of indemnity, which must be completed and returned to Computershare so that a replacement certificate can be issued. Please note that there is a charge for this service.

When was your last stock split?

Colgate's most recent stock split was a 2-for-1 split declared on March 7, 2013 for shareholders of record as of April 23, 2013 and payable to shareholders on May 15, 2013. For further stock split information, please click here.

How can I research my historical cost basis on Colgate shares?

You can calculate your basis by using the Cost Calculator which goes back 40 years. 

When is Colgate's next Annual Shareholders' Meeting?

Colgate’s annual shareholder meeting is typically held on the second Friday in May. Please click on our Annual Shareholder Meeting Information page for further details.

How can I sign up to receive my Annual Meeting and Proxy communications by email?

If you are a registered or beneficial holder, please go to

What were the latest Annual Meeting voting results?

Please see the attached report for results: May 13, 2021 8-K.

Where can I find out more about Colgate's business practices and social responsibility?

Please click here to learn how Colgate's core values are the foundation of our commitment to sustainable growth.

Who can I contact for additional shareholder relations questions?

If you need any additional information, please contact the Investor Relations Department of Colgate-Palmolive. 

Does Colgate pay a dividend? Is there a dividend reinvestment plan?

Colgate pays a quarterly cash dividend on common stock. Colgate also offers a Direct Stock Purchase Plan, which includes reinvestment options. Please contact Computershare at or 1-800-756-8700 for more information.

When are dividends paid on Colgate common stock?

Historically, quarterly dividends have been paid February, May, August and November.

When was your most recent dividend paid?

Colgate's most recent dividend was declared on September 10, 2021, for shareholders of record as of October 21, 2021, payable on November 15, 2021. Click here to see our dividend history.